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Etherium is a grid-based RTS where you create units and structures to gather resources and destroy your enemy's base.


The enemy's base is directly to the north of yours. You must cross the islands (hint:  use the builder unit!) and destroy their base to win.


Camera movement:

  • Hold and drag Right Click to pan the camera
  • Middle mouse button to rotate
  • Scroll wheel to zoom

Unit commands:

  • Right click a tile to move the unit there
  • With the harvester selected, right click a resource to mine it
  • With the builder selected, click a button along the bottom of the screen and left click on a tile to build it there (Q + E to rotate)
  • With the fighter selected, right click an enemy or structure to attack it
  • Left click on the base structure to open a menu to create units


Etherium Documentation (Rising Star 2020).pdf 134 kB
Etherium v1.01.zip 23 MB


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I cant target towers. I right-clicked, left clicked, and yet i canot target it

This game reminded me of tiberiun sun. Good stuff!

Right clicking on a watch tower with a fighter didn't seem to work, my fighters just ran into it without shooting


Really awesome game! Visually reminds me a lot of Into the Breach.